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about me

Second-generation Oregonian: here I was born and here I shall stay. In past incarnations I dabbled in Bennington, Philadelphia, Chico, Denver, and New York City. I am a formerly picky eater whose world has been vastly expanded and transformed in adulthood by a love of many (not to say all) things food. Pizza, my first true food love, will always have a special place in my foodie heart. This blog is named for one of my other great food loves: the cruciferous vegetable family. Brassicas, baby. To me, no other vegetable is as great.

When I’m not cooking, eating, thinking or talking or writing about food, I enjoy all manner of creative pursuits from collage to knitting to making music, as well as biking and hiking around our beautiful city. I live with my husband, four cats, and three chickens in southeast Portland.

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