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Weekend Cat Blogging: Hawaii Edition

March 30, 2009

Isn’t our host, Amie, thoughtful?


Not only did she invite us to stay for a week in her spacious apartment in Oahu with its arresting view–I’m sitting at a kitchen table looking down on the city of Honolulu, a volcanic crater, and the expanse of the Pacific Ocean as I write this–but she’s also provided two adorable cats for our feline cuddling needs during our vacation.

This dashing orange fellow is James. He wouldn’t hold still for a photo. He doesn’t meow, but only says “Haaaaaaaa,” in hoarse, urgent tones. He likes to chase geckos (real? Or imaginary?) in the evenings.

What a sweetie! We love him! And of course, we love Oahu. What a beautiful island. We did the sea, sun, and sand thing today among the bustle at Waikiki and on a lovely, more deserted beach on the other side of the island. I’m looking forward to seven more days of this! I will try and post about any exciting food experiences I have in Hawaii.

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