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Weekend Cat Blogging: Why I Love Oregon

March 22, 2009


The farmer’s market opened today. It’s still just the very beginning of the season, and we’re still waiting with great anticipation for asparagus, for peas, for greens, for strawberries, for far-off tomatoes. But we felt so happy to be there, and found so many wonderful things to bring home, even in this, the earliest of spring.

And we couldn’t resist this beautiful black Oregon truffle. Its intoxicating, heady aroma beckoned to us from across the wild mushroom stall.

(They are much cheaper than imported truffles.)

(And, in my opinion, better.)

My little buddy here, Frankie, couldn’t resist it either. When I was photographing the truffle in its nest of Arborio rice, he came over to investigate.

He seemed to really like the smell. But not as much as he likes popcorn.


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  1. Emerald permalink
    March 23, 2009 7:49 am

    Holy mackerel – I’m jealous of that truffle. And I likey your blog a lot. Hooray!

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